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Project Overview


The Nuremberg Raid is a two-hour investigative documentary film designed for the History Channel, attempting to reveal the cause of British Bomber Command’s deadliest night of the Second World War. The film reconstructs the crucial 24-hour timespan of Bomber Command’s controversial raid that claimed the lives of over 700 airmen and the destruction of 94 aircraft. Aided by eye-witness interviews, historical evidence and recently declassified information three historians combine decades of research to cast new light upon a raid shrouded in conspiracy theory. By revisiting the carnage of the Nuremberg Raid through a modern lens, this film provides an unprecedented opportunity for a new generation to rediscover Second World War technologies, secret intelligence operations and ultimately bring closure to Bomber Command’s deadliest night.


The Story

To many people the sacrifices the United Kingdom endured through the grueling months of the Battle of Britain are well known. What is not well known is that across the span of a few chaotic hours on the night of March 30/31, 1944, the RAF losses surpassed those of the entire Battle of Britain. The Nuremberg Raid was an unequivocal disaster for British Bomber Command. Bomber Command Headquarters concluded a combination of poor weather, German tactical advances and misfortune were the primary components that ultimately led to the disaster.